I am a seasoned culture change expert who travels the world, inspiring and advising leaders and teams on what it will take from them to build the culture they need to achieve their business goals.

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Who Am I

I have guided some of the best companies in the world to transform and build better corporate cultures.  I have advised their leaders on how to adjust their own patterns of behaviour to shape these changes. Today I am taking that mission wider as I share the thought processes, insights and techniques that will enable all individuals to grow within their businesses.  In turn, as you manage your own development journey, you will feel your own efforts on culture generate success and achievement at the company level. My public speaking, my book and my weekly podcasts share the insights and learnings from working closely with over 100,000 leaders, from hundreds of blue-chip organisations around the world.


As a pioneer in this field, I have unique experience in personally delivering over 200 culture change journeys in 35 countries.  I have advised on more than 15 mergers and acquisitions and I have personally coached more than 60 CEOs. I think it’s fair to say I have a well-informed perspective on what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to leading culture change!


I’ve researched, invented and built what clients tell me is the most practical, do-able approach to culture change and personal growth. I wrote the first practical guide on how to change corporate culture – ‘Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success.’ which continues to be the book leaders turn to today when they want encouragement that culture change is really do-able.  Available on Amazon, you can search for ‘Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success’ and download as an e-book, or buy the printed version.


Through my speaking engagements, my social media, my books and my podcasts, I am extending thoughts and conversations on these vital topics and helping others in their journey. If you would like to listen to my podcasts on Spotify or iTunes, please search for: ‘Walking Your Talk – Carolyn Taylor’.

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The Walking the Talk podcast gets to the heart of a variety of culture goals, with straightforward exercises at the end of each one.

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Keynote Speaking

Always tailored to your aspirations. You can brief me on the culture goals you have, and I will design a session focused just on those. Brief me on who is in the audience and their roles, and I will tailor my presentation to the levers that they can pull to shape culture.

Take a look at my book,

Walking The Talk

Read the first chapter, it will give you a more practical,
actionable definition of culture than you may have seen before.

Culture transformation book | Best seller

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