Brief me on who is in the audience and their roles, and I will tailor my presentation to the levers that they can pull to shape culture.

About Keynote Speaking

I simplify, but that does not mean leading culture is easy.  It does show that it can be achieved, by regular leaders being persistent, courageous and focusing on the things that matter. Brief me on the culture goals you have and I will design a session focused just on those.  Brief me on who is in the audience and their roles and I will tailor my presentation to the levers that they can pull to shape culture.

Depending on how long you have, I can provide:

  • Keynote Address

    • 20-60 minutes
    • Inspiring, practical and full of stories of what successful culture leaders do.  My presentations provide the audience with many immediately actionable ideas on how they can lead the culture they want.  Talks focus on the authenticity and courage required to walk your talk.

  • Extended Event

    • 2-4 hours
    • A keynote presentation combined with breakout exercises and a large group debrief, which includes a facilitated discussion on identified key issues.  This format allows time for debate on real issues and for leaders to personalise learning according to their role and natural leadership strengths.

  • Team Workshop

    • 1 to 2 days
    • In-depth work including choosing a target culture (using a proprietary voting tool), designing a culture plan, and selecting powerful symbols and behaviours which teams can lead. This work ideally includes input from organisations on the shadow the team casts and the messages they send about what is important.


My talks are always tailored both to the participants and their roles and to the culture goals of an organisation.  For example, invite me to speak to a group of finance directors in an organisation whose goal is to become more customer centric and I will deliver a presentation on how the finance function shapes culture and what levers it has to create more customer-centricity, not only within the function but across the whole organisation.

I have vast and varied expertise in the six culture archetypes and can provide practical advice to leaders on the mind-set and behaviour each of these pillars will require of them:

  • Achievement (accountability, responsibility, focus)
  • Customer-Centricity (service, empathy)
  • One-Team (collaboration, enterprise thinking)
  • Innovation (agility, learning)
  • People-First (engagement, empowerment)
  • Greater-Good (ethics, purpose-led, values-led)

I cover the practicalities of how to lead a culture change process, how to measure change, how to build a business case for investment, how to walk your own talk, and how to cause change in the behaviours of others.

If you are looking for a longer-term support, check out the services of my organisation

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