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Every group has a culture: Shape it

If you can build a culture of accountability then people will start to keep their word more.

Taking Responsibility

It sounds simple, but it is fiendishly difficult to adopt this as a daily pattern of behaviour.  Here’s a technique to work with.

Not Tolerating Poor Behaviour

The behaviours you turn a blind eye to are just as powerful as the behaviours you actively encourage and discourage.

Mindset Stages in a Merger

Culturally, mergers are a unique situation. During a merger, or acquisition, you must manage culture in a different way.

Leading the Pursuit of Simplicity

Almost every client we work with suffers from patterns of behaviour in their culture that are associated with lack of prioritisation.

A Practical Guide to Culture Change

Governance, risk management, and compliance are three related facets that help assure an organization reliably achieves objectives, addresses uncertainty and acts with integrity.

The Power of Walking the Talk

We use the BE-DO-HAVE model to help translate values into tangible behaviours, decisions, priorities, and systems.

Why I Do What I Do

A personal story which led to a career facilitating personal and cultural transformation.

What it takes to walk your talk

It’s the messages people read into what you do, not what  you say, that creates the culture in your team and your organisation.

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